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FPEF Transformation Overview

The FPEF’s vision with respect to transformation is as follows;

“To facilitate a significant shift in the inclusion and sustainable participation of Black South Africans within secondary agriculture in the fresh produce export value chain.”

Towards achieving this vision, the FPEF has the following transformation initiatives:

FPEF Graduate Internship Programme

The goal of the FPEF Graduate Internship Program is to place high-caliber, black, tertiary graduates in junior commercial roles in South African fruit export companies for a one-year internship, with a view to providing long-term career opportunities for successful interns. The vision is to integrate a growing group of talented black individuals into the commercial heart of the industry. We hope that many of these individuals will grow to become future leaders in the industry in executive management and ownership roles.


The FPEF has two well established training programmes. The Top of the Class (TOC) programme provides training on the fruit export value chain from field to fork, while the Leadership and Mentorship programme (L&M) is a leadership and personal development programme. The programmes, developed specifically for the fruit industry in South Africa by the FPEF, are aimed at employees in junior to middle management in fruit export companies, farms and packhouses and emerging or aspiring farmers.  The intensive training programmes are spread over a number of two to four full-day sessions totaling 8 to 12 days.

To read more about the TOC and L&M Programme, download the information leaflet here.

TOC and L&M Programme

FPEF Member Transformation and AgriBEE Support

A key responsibility of the FPEF is to encourage and support transformation initiatives within its membership. In 2017, the FPEF launched the first FPEF Transformation Seminar as a platform to encourage, inspire and equip senior decision makers within fruit export companies with respect to transformation. This will be an annual event going forward. Further to this the FPEF provides updates on the AgriBEE codes and implications for exporters on an ad-hoc basis.

Emerging Exporter Support

It is vital that sustainable and successful black owned exporters are established in South Africa. To this end, the FPEF offers free membership to black owned exporters for a minimum of two years and provides ad-hoc support to emerging exporters in the form of mentoring, networking and training.

Emerging Farmer Support

The FPEF transformation coordinator addresses emerging farmers nationally on a regular basis, in collaboration with the primary producer organisations, covering topics such as export market access, the role of exporters, grower relationships with exporters and the role of the FPEF’s code of conduct in protecting growers. We also provide support to black growers attending international trade shows, both in terms of pre-trip training and orientation and in terms of accompanying growers where necessary and relevant.

Dissemination of Exporter Transformation Successes and Status

Various Government institutions request information on a regular basis from the FPEF regarding the industries transformation status and progress. In light of this, the FPEF conducts an annual transformation survey at a high level to ensure that it has the necessary information at hand to measure and report on transformation progress. Further to this, the FPEF belongs to the Fruit Industry Value Chain Round Table (FIVCRT), including all the organisations represented within Fruit SA. The purpose of FIVCRT is to coordinate efforts between member organisations within the fruit industry in a number of key areas. Amongst others, FPEF is represented on the FIVCRT Transformation Working group, which consolidates and reports on transformation progress within Fruit SA.

Other Transformation Activities

AgriSETA Horticulture Sub-Sector Committee

The FPEF transformation coordinator represents the FPEF in the above committee as well as the broader AgriSETA plenary sessions to ensure that the fruit exporters interests are represented within the AgriSETA.


Citrus Industry Trust

The FPEF transformation coordinator serves as a Trustee on the CIT on behalf of the FPEF. The CIT administers funds on behalf of the Citrus Industry currently utilised for training in the Citrus industry.