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FPEF 2022 Graduate Placement Programme

Please find herewith an invitation to appoint high calibre graduates through the FPEF’s graduate placement programme, together with further details under the brochure.

Should you wish to appoint a graduate through the programme, the steps will be as follows;

  • Agrijob will meet with you to understand your requirements (7 Oct – Nov)
  • Agrijob have a pool of candidates available and customised ads will be uploaded to the Agrijob job portal to highlight your specific requirements (Sep – Nov)
  • Agrijob will interview and pre-select high calibre students that meet your requirements & send you CV’s to consider (Oct – Nov)
  • You will conduct interviews and make offers (Oct – 16 Dec)


Please also find below a link to a video from a graduate employed at Suiderland through the programme to give some insight into the programme.



Please feel free to contact Johannes Brand ([email protected]) for further information or if you would like to appoint a graduate through the programme.